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Sv. Marina C.B. d.o.o.

Sv.Marina bb
52220 Labin

Phone/Fax +385.52.879.052
Mob. +385.91.1879.074


Trgovački sud Pazin
MBS 040021089
OIB: 07755840660
Temeljni kapital 100.000,00 kn uplaćen u cijelosti
Uprava : Lorena Karcher,direktor
Žiro-račun: 2402006-1100107570 Erste Steiermarkiche Bank


Still not sure if we can be of help? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

  • diving license (brevet)
  • logbook (written record of the dives)
  • valid medical certificate
Login in the diving center, getting acquainted with the base and the rules of diving in Croatia, registration before each dive on our Scuba Check Point located on the coast with a valid diving certification, briefing, the determination of the diving position (right and left reef).
No, single diving is strictly forbidden in Croatia. You always have to dive a minimum of two persons with the appropriate diving qualifications.
Yes, on a daily basis, depending on weather conditions, twice a day in the mornings and afternoons, max of 12 persons.

Categories in the price list differ according to the distance from the base. “Nicolai Grotte” (cave) which belongs to the 1st category (the shortest) is around 10 minutes driving away. Distant wreckage “Lina” which belongs in the 3rd category is around 40 minutes driving away.

Yes, 2 times per week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 20:00 to 22:00. The procedure is the same, be sure to register before the dive.
Yes, guests can also use three containers that are adjusted for holding the diving equipment.
Yes, we fill up to 220 Bars in normal scuba tanks and up to 300 Bars to designated scuba tanks. The filling is at no extra charge – the price is the same!
We fill Nitrox (up to 40% oxygen enriched air), with the help of “Coltri” membrane compressor.
Yes, we organize diving courses by the standards of international organization CMAS, from beginners to diving instructors.

A person older than 14 years can access to a CMAS* course. Persons onward the age of 12 can access to a trial dive (discovery dive).

Of course, we rent all diving equipment, complete or separately.
We offer guided scuba diving with our diving instructor/diving leader. If you are well experienced and with respect to the qualification of the dive center, we can help you find a partner (buddy) for diving. All you have to do is subscribe to the list, which is located in the diving center.
In case of a diving accident, diving center takes care about the rescue as following:

  • rescue of the injured
  • provide first aid (we have a bottle of oxygen on the dive site, also 5 bottles with oxygen in a whole center)
  • calling emergency medical assistance; everything takes place simultaneously, we work as a team!
  • informing the hyperbaric chamber
  • informing the Port Authority about an accident.

The nearest hyperbaric chamber is in Pula at the distance of 43 km, and also in Rijeka at the distance of 65 km.