Project Description

Diving on the right reef

Diving expedition to the right wall starts on the tight (larger) beach of Camping Marina. After only few meters of diving, at a relatively shallow depth of 3m we will find our first interesting detail several pyramidal rock formations, favorite „hangout“of fish in search of food. After the pyramids, we continue with our descent with a mild right turn, reaching the right wall at the debt of 12m. At the start of the wall we are welcomed by a 40cm high statue of Madonna, surrounded by rock indents and holes that hide various fish types and octopus. Diving along the wall, you will be able to bask in the full glory of its grandeur going down to 40m below surface and hosting a whole array of sponges, corals and indentations. Don’t be surprised if you come across a lobster or two as well as many types of crabs. At the very end of the first part of the wall you will find a magnificent cave with clear views towards the surface, and the dance of light and shadows will provide you with an unforgettable range of colors. After the cave, as we start to slowly head towards the surface, at the depth of 10m we reach a grassy plateau and find ourselves surrounded with schools of Adriatic fish. As we finish our dive and reach the 5m depth mark we reach the location where we will slowly return to the beach. This and all other diving adventures are all organized with the same goals in mind – enjoyment and safety of our guests!

Diving on the left reef

Our exciting diving activities on the left wall of the reef are all performed from the smaller beach of Camping Marina (on the left side). Let us quickly guide you through all the exciting localities you will be able to explore during your diving expedition. After entering the water, diving starts on a sandy plateau leading us from the debt of 3 meters all the way down to 40 meters below the surface. On your left side you are followed by a horizontal wall full of indentations and abundant marine habitats. When we reach the debt of 20m we find the first of approximately 20 underwater caves located along this wall. These caves are the home to schools of typical North Adriatic fish types playfully teasing the sinister looking Conger eel and daring him to come out of his hole. Diving further along the wall, at the debt of 26 m we find our next cave where we start to emerge towards the surface through a canyon of gorgonians. Rising up to 16 m we find the octopus as they wait for their pray in their homes along the wall. Finally, on our rise towards the surface we find the plateau of Roman statues along with the stunning 5 stone heads that have been standing the test of time and the harsh sea conditions for centuries. As we reach the depth of 3 m we arrive to the location of our final ascent and the end of our adventure. Please note that this particular excursion is only recommended for experienced divers.